Amazon Route 53 Announces Private DNS within Amazon VPC

route53 action tutorial

Posted on Nov 6

Today, Route53 released a new update for Private DNS within Amazon VPC.
Many users already tried this feature. You can use this feature as a Cloud Automator action like a public Hosted Zone.

This private DNS feature provides many use cases such as...

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IAM policy sample for Cloud Automator


Posted on Oct 30

Today, we would like to introduce a IAM policy sample for using Cloud Automator.
We have heard that many users want to use Cloud Automator, but don't want to give full access to AWS resources and services.

Sample Policy

Attach policy


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Released a new status option for job completion.

release tutorial

Posted on Oct 28

Today, we released a new feature for Cloud Automator!

Cloud Automator's action success condition had been based on the return of an AWS API request.
However, for actions like for starting EC2 instance, the action takes time to return even if it was...

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Released SQS trigger notification

Posted on Sep 30

Today, we released a small (but new!) feature for the SQS trigger.
If an SQS queue is deleted for some reason, Cloud Automator will send a notification like the below.

The details page shows the error for SQS existance.

If you have any questions...

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EC2 Troubleshooting with monitoring system


Posted on Sep 11

Today, we would like to introduce the HTTP and SQS trigger.
When you use AWS for your system, it is very important to understand Design For Failure
for preparing for any kind of system failure.

For example, you may receive an instance retirement notification...

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Released Route53 action

release route53 action tutorial

Posted on Sep 8

Today, we released a new action for Cloud Automator!
You can now use the Route 53 action on Cloud Automator to automate updating records by a trigger.

How to use

After selecting a trigger, select "Update record on Route53" from the action pulldown...

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Creating jobs on Cloud Automator


Posted on Aug 22

We always try to make Cloud Automator easy to use such that you don't need to read a manual, but we would like to introduce how to create a job as a first step to get you started even faster.
The basic concept of a job is the combination of a Trigger...

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Released HTTP Trigger

http trigger release

Posted on Aug 4

Today, we released the HTTP trigger for Cloud Automator.
This trigger is mainly targeted to connect 3rd parties applications like the SQS trigger.

The special use case for this trigger is to execute a job easily whenever an HTTP request is sent.

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Connection with SQS trigger through AWS CLI

sqs trigger tutorial

Posted on Jul 31

Today, we would like to introduce how to connect SQS with AWS CLI(AWS Command Interface).
(You can also use the Management Console to send SQS messages. See this blog
Take a look at the AWS CLI page to learn how to install it on your platform.


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First step to use SQS trigger

sqs trigger tutorial

Posted on Jul 28

Today, we would like to introduce the SQS trigger on Cloud Automator.
SQS is a service provided by AWS, and it is the first service AWS released to the public (WOW)
If you are interested in learning more about SQS, please see the amazon website.

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