Answer to automation demands for AWS operation !
(based on our Know-how from 17000+ projects with 1140+ customers)

You will be able to automate the operation using simple and intuitive steps.
Implemented our know-how to make AWS operation easy and simple

What is required for AWS operation ?

There are several things need to be considered for AWS operation in order to enjoy cost benefits as well as to use it safely.

Optimisation for Development environment cost

AWS provides the benefit of "pay only for what you use". However, if you don't manage the resources effectively, you will be charged for unnecessary amounts.
You need to control usage costs by stopping the development environments when it is not used.

Sufficient data protection

There is always a possibility of mistakenly deleting precious data from the actual production environment.
In order to prepare such mistake, you need to be prepared to restore the service whenever you need it to.

Operate in sufficient system size

If you configure the system based on "peak" usaged, then it leads to using excessive resources which resulting in hurting ROI.
By sufficiently configure the sytem, you will be able to operate the AWS environment at sufficient cost which leads to enjoy the benefit of using AWS.

Checking security requirements

There are not only the attacks from the crakers, but also the situtaion where operator forget to bring back the system setting during the maintenance work.
In order to make sure the sytem is operating with sufficient security level, you need to check the settings periodically.

Cloud Automator will provide solution to all of above operation !

Feature 01

Job Automation (Automate AWS operation)

It automates necessary operations when using AWS resources.
Since AWS uses "pay for what you use" pricing model, the EC2 instances used for development environment will be charged during weekends as well as night time if instance is up and running, even if you are not really using the resources.
By using "Job Automation feature", you will be able to automatically stop EC2 instances used for application development after hours as well as automtically start during working hours, by creating "jobs".
You can expect possible cost reduction of more than 30%.
There are quite a few data failures based on operation mistakes. Cloud Automator provides back-up actions for variety of AWS resources.
Therefore, it will protect your important data for sure.

Feature 02

Config Review (Automatically check AWS configuration)

Cloud Automator will check the configuration whether AWS resources are configured based on defined rule.
By using "Config Review" feature, you can find the configuration/operation mistake such as availability of unnecessary sever ports at the production enviroment, etc...
Therefore, you will be able to maintain a defined system settings/security level.

Feature 03

Inventory (Provide WorkSpaces detailed information)

You will be able to see WorkSpaces detail information in list format.
You won't be able to understand about the low usage excessive resources by just using AWS management console.
With "Inventory" feature, you will be able to retrive/analyze list of WorkSpaces information.
Therefore, you will be able to plan sufficient sizing matching to your operation.


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