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What is Cloud Automator?

The best AWS Operations. Better together

Time to say goodbye to tedious operation

Cloud Automator is the best tool to automate Amazon Web Services (AWS) operation
Automate various operations such as EBS backup, start and stop EC2 instances.

  • Save time and money with

    Conect triggers and actions for automations.

    Cloud Automation lets you invoke AWS actions such as instance control and resource backup by triggers such as by schedule or queue

  • Various AWS actions

    Various AWS actions

    Automate tasks such as “Start and Stop an EC2 instance”, “Create an Amazon EBS, RDS, EC2 Snapshot”, “Update a Hosted Zone for Route 53”

  • Trigger 3rd Party Apps

    Connect 3rd Apps with trigger

    Invoke other applications with an SQS trigger to fully automate your job flow with Cloud Automator

Service & Features Overview

Automate your tasks to save on cost and to eliminate operational errors

Define Jobs simply by combining a Trigger with an Action.
Automated Jobs will reduce the Total Cost of Ownership and increase
the reliability and maintainability of your cloud systems.


  • Schedule Date(Once)
  • Time(Everyday)
  • Repeat Weekly(Every week)
  • Fixed Date(Every month)
  • SQS Message
  • SNS Message
  • HTTP Request
  • Email*

*In Development

Action Tasks

  • EC2: Start instance
  • EC2: Stop instance
  • EC2: Change instance type
  • EC2: Change security group
  • EC2: Create EBS snapshot
  • EC2: Create AMI
  • EC2: Copy AMI region to region
  • EC2: Copy EBS snapshot region to region
  • EC2: Register instance with load balancer
  • EC2: Deregister instance from load balancer
  • RDS: Create DB snapshot
  • RDS: Delete DB instance
  • RDS: Restore from DB snapshot
  • RDS: Copy DB snapshot region to region
  • Route 53: Update Resource Record Set
  • Redshift: Delete cluster
  • Redshift: Restore from snapshot
  • WorkSpaces: Delete WorkSpace
  • Disaster Recovery
  • IAM: User validate and invalidate*

*In Development

Use Case1

Stop Development EC2 instances outside of work hours to save on cost.

Schedule date (everyday)»EC2: Start/Stop instance

Start EC2 instance at beginning of business hour and stop it at end of the day.
Cloud Automator reduces AWS usage as 1/3 with off-hour stopping.
Cost saving with stopping during off-hour

Use Case2

Create EBS snapshot every week.

Schedule data (every week)»EC2: Create EBS snapshot

Create EBS snapshot regularly with Cloud Automator.
Maintain up to 50 snapshots
EBS snapshot every week

Use Case3

Create EC2 AMI every day!

Schedule date (everyday)»EC2: Create AMI

Create AMI regularly with Cloud Automator.
Maintain up to 50 AMIs
Create EC2 AMI everyday

Use Case4

Snapshot RDS instance every Monday

Schedule date (Every week)»RDS: Create DB snapshot

It is easy to snapshot RDS regularly with Cloud Automator.
Maintain up to 50 snapshots. Recover your system from 10 days ago.
RDS instance's snapshot every Monday

Use Case5

System Disaster Recovery from Tokyo region to Singapore region.

Using multi jobs, copy system with multi regions for disaster recovery.
(Only for Enterprise plan)
Disaster Recovery with multi regions.


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