Cloud Automator let you create multiple user accounts.
This will reduce security risk of sharing log-in information
with multiple users and provide flexibility to manage operation.

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Multi-Account Feature

You can create multiple user accounts and setup groups based on who can manage which resources and also you can manage each user what one can do by setting user permissions. *Please note that there is a limit on creating of users based on your subscribed service plan. Please check the detail in "Pricing" page.


It wil llet you create groups basd on designaged resources, such as a group who just uses development environment as well as a group who operates production environment. By assigning users to designated group, you can manage users to prevent from accessing to other resources.

User permissions setting

You can manage to setup detailed user permissions to allow to view/create/update operational jobs. With this user permissions management capability, user will be able to check information such as configuration information and logs without worrying about making mistake to do something wrong.

Operation logs

With multiple people operation in mind, we provide the operation logs so that you can check who changed what.

Benefit of Multi-Account

By using Multi-Account feature, you can manage to operate based on defined user permissions.

Use case

When you are operating company system on AWS and also 3rd party is development new function on AWS, you can configure user permissions so that those 3rd party users won't be able to modify/create operation jobs for production environment. In this way, you can prevent any operational mistake as well as reduce security risk.

Develop­ment member Develop­ment environ­ment group Produc­tion environ­ment group
(Internal) System Engineer Read / Write Read / Write
(Internal) Operator - Read only
3rd party developer Read / Write -
Question/request for implementation