Cloud Automer not only proivdes AWS resource operation and security check features,
but also provides the feature to view WorkSpaes resource information with simple operation.
This will let you manage resources easily.

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* Please note that "Config Review"
feature is not included for this 1 month free trial

Inventory Feature

Inventory Feature will let you retrieve detailed WorkSpaces resource information. It only let you retrive list of WorkSpaces information currently, however, we are planning to expand the feature to retrieve other resource information as well.

WorkSpaces List Creation Feature

This feature provides list veiw of detailed WorkSpaces information, including tag information, which takes a lot of time to do by just using AWS management console. This will allow you to manage WorkSpaces much more efficiently.

Flexible User Management

You can manage users in detail, such as who can use this feature as well as who can create list view. With this user management capability, you can flexibly manage your operation.

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