Development Roadmap

To provide useful and easy-to-use tool, we will continously work on adding more functionality and improving features.
Our development roadmap is as follows.

2020 Roadmap

*Please note that the order of release may change accordingly.

EBS backup monitoring feature
(Released in January, 2020)

Check EBS volume backup status

  • Check regular backup status
  • Confirm the check result on the screen
  • Notify the check results by email
Specifying continuous execution of multiple jobs (workflow)
(Released in January, 2020)

It allows you to specify continuous execution of multiple jobs, such as executing another job after a job execution.

  • Setting of periodic execution workflow by timer trigger
  • Verifying the execution log of continuously executed jobs
Inherit EC2 Instance tags with "EC2: Create AMI" action
(Released in March, 2020)

The EC2 instance tag will be automatically taken over

  • Automatically AMI inherits tags from EC2 instance
  • You can override ineriting tags from EC2 by specifying job configuration
Execution result status check with "EC2: WindowsUpdate" action
(Released in March, 2020)

In this action, the status of the execution result can be checked.

  • Setting this option on the operation screen
  • Setting this option at REST API
Adding new action "WorkSpaces: Start WorkSpace"

The new action that can start WorkSpaces.

  • Create job by specifying this action on the screen
  • Create job by specifying this action at REST API
Adding new trigger that can flexibly specify execution date and time

The new trigger that allows you to flexibly specify job execution date and time has been added, and it flexibly cope with irregular schedules.

  • Create job by specifying this trigger on the screen
  • Create job by specifying this trigger at REST API

2019 Roadmap

*Please note that the order of release may change accordingly.

Aurora Action
(Released in January, 2019)

Add Stop/start action for Amazon Aurora

  • Configure the action in console screen
  • Configure the action using REST API
SQS trigger improvement
(Released in May, 2019)

Made improvement to existing SQS trigger

  • Execution right after receiving in the que
  • Simultaneous multiple action execution based on the trigger
Osaka Region partial support
(Released in May, 2019)

You can select Osaka region for following actions

  • Copy AMI across regions
  • Copy DB Snapshot across regions
On-demand execution function for timer trigger
(Released June, 2019)

For timer trigger jobs, we added function to allow user to execute scheduled jobs on-demand.

  • Execute designated jobs in console screen
Support IAM role in AWS account
(Released June, 2019)

By supporting AWS authentication information based on IAM role, it will strengthen the security.

  • AWS account registration in console screen
Adding an option not to perform generation management when creating AMI
(Released August, 2019)

At AMI creation action, it provides a selection option when the generation management is not necessary for created AMI.

  • Option setting at the screen
  • Option setting for REST API
Time zone setting
(Released Oct, 2019)

Enables to select the time zone

  • Select the time zone which to be displayed at operation screen
  • Select the time zone for timer trigger execution date and time
Accept credit card payment
(Released Oct, 2019)
  • Accept credit card payment only for the users from outside of Japan
Ability to add multiple tags to the created image by "Create AMI" action
(Released Oct, 2019)

With the "Create AMI" action, multiple tags can be assigned to the AMI image

  • Multiple tag settings using operation screen
  • Multiple tag setting using REST API
Command execution status check for "Execute command on EC2 instance" action
(Released Dec, 2019)

It enables to check the command execution status by this action

  • Setting this option using operation screen
  • Setting this option using REST API
Log data archive feature
(Released Dec, 2019)

Enable to download variety of log data at monthly unit basis

  • Operation job log
  • Resource operation history
  • Policy log (Config review)
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